June 11, 2017


Anne of green Gables read along banner
I just came across this read along, and I thought well I might just do this. I listened to Anne of Green Gables (link to Goodreads short review) earlier in the year and enjoyed my revisit.   It also served as a book over 100 years for the Better World Reading challenge I find myself doing as well.

The book for June is Anne of Avonlea so I will be able to listen to that I think and see where I go from there.  As I started with the Barbara Caruso narration, I will continue with hers. There are quite a few narration versions! You can find the list of months and reads over at Jane and Jackie's blogs. Banner links to them.

I read some of the Anne books as a child, but not all of them, have watched the Canadian version TV series and a movie - not sure which version. I am also tempted to watch Anne with an E on Netflix. So I think this just might be the read along for me. 

At the moment I am also making an Anne of Green Gables fabric quilt for a young girl that I know, she may not know of Anne but it is the whole bookish thing I love.

My quilt in progress. I am not a pink person, but well I could be persuaded with this!!
quilt top


  1. Yay! Welcome aboard Kathryn! We are so excited to have you join us! I will have to check out that audio book reader you mention. I'm always interested to find good readers of the classics :) Good luck with Anne of Avonlea this month--I really enjoyed it myself.

    Also, that quilt is a dream! Where did you find that fabric??

    1. Thanks Jane. I bought the fabric through the Missouri quilting co although I think it is around in a few quilting places. I love it.

  2. Wasn't there a new Anne series? Must go check

  3. The Anne of Green Gables Series was- and still is- one of my all-time favourite series! Although I don't recall finishing more than 4 books, I know that I fell in love with the characters. In fact, I recently started watching Netflix's version of the book in their show "Anne With an E".

  4. Oh that sounds fun. Hope you enjoy it. The quilt is lovely!

  5. But those shades of pink are really lovely!

  6. I LOVE the Anne fabric in each square. I loved that series and the Canadian movies. I haven't watched yet the Netflix mini series.

  7. What a fun read-along. My daughter has just discovered Anne of Green Gables. I was thinking of getting an audio book version of the book for us to listen together.

  8. That is a beautiful quilt, the little girl that gets that is lucky.

  9. The quilt looks LOVELY! I picked up Anne of Green Gables while in Canada a few years back. Sorry I missed a read along. I'm not sure I remember this and I know I never read any of the others. Have fun with the read along.


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